The Recovery Station

Providing safe, sober health and wellness activities geared toward individuals in recovery from a substance use disorder and their families.

The Recovery Station is a community based, non-clinical setting that is safe, welcoming and alcohol/drug free. The Recovery Station will promote long-term recovery through skill building, recreation, wellness education, employment readiness, other social activities and peer support.

The Key Values of The Recovery Station are:

Choice – Services will be tailored to meet individual and community needs.

Voice – “Nothing about us without us.” Individuals to be served by the Center will have direct involvement by recovering individuals and family members in planning and carrying out programs and services. 

Empowerment – People come first.  We believe people are resilient and have strengths.   We support healing in recovery based on these strengths. 

Dignity and Respect – All services and all communications will promote dignity and respect for all persons. 

Hope – Hope is essential for recovery from addiction and life trauma. Recovery from these life problems is an achievable goal that in turn makes all other quality of life goals possible.