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As part of the ongoing recovery process, many individuals find that joining with others at regular meetings can help ease the stress and provide a safe, welcoming and understanding environment to share difficulties and struggles and find support to work through their addictions. UConnectCare can help you find meetings near you and help you join a group to find the support you need.

Below are a number of directories to help you locate meetings near you. These programs are offered at different locations throughout Western New York and offer anonymous support and fellowship to help individuals and concerned family members on the road to substance use disorder recovery. For help finding additional support, contact UConnectCare today by calling our Abion office at 585-589-0055 or the Batavia office at 585-343-1124.

Narcotics Anonymous

Recovery is difficult go through alone. The support groups offered by Narcotics Anonymous allow individuals to attend in an understanding, welcoming and nonjudgmental environment. Groups meet every day of the week throughout the region. Find a meeting near you today.

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Alcoholics Anonymous

Understanding and wanting to overcome an addition to alcohol is a great first step, but oftentimes there can be difficult feelings and conflicts that you might want to discuss with someone. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings offer a safe environment to express frustration and find support to help on the road to recovery. Find help near you today.

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Medication Assisted Recovery Anonymous

Medication-Assisted Recovery Anonymous (MARA) is a support group of people who believe in the value of medication as a means to recovery.  We understand individual needs may not be the same; backgrounds may not be the same; futures may not be the same. However, our desire to live a safe lifestyle joins us together. Non-judgement is our code (taken from the MARA preamble).  Many people who use prescribed medication to aid in their recovery sometimes feel uncomfortable and even unwelcome at traditional recovery meetings.  Weekly meetings are held at The Recovery Station in Batavia.

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Nar-Anon is a family-oriented support group designed to help provide a welcoming and understanding environment for those affected by someone recovering from drug or narcotic addition.

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Al-Anon is a support group for the friends, family and loved ones of alcoholics to join together to discuss their struggles, concerns and issues. Al-Anon is completely anonymous, and free for all who attend.

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