Accountability Circles

About Accountability Circles

Accountability Circles are designed to serve youth who were ticketed for underage drinking or broke their school code of conduct. The program is two hours in duration and is lead by a trained prevention educator with participation from community members. Each program provides education regarding the dangers of drinking and drug use, in addition to personal discussion about the impact of their use on themselves and others. The additional component to this drug and alcohol awareness program is the restorative justice approach, which focuses on repairing the harm caused by a crime. Accountability Circles are peacemaking circles that are about understanding others’ needs and perspectives.


Registration and payment of $50 are required, and all participants must arrive prior to the start of the program. Late arrivals are not permitted and no-shows will be reported to the referring agency.

Contact Gina Henry today at 585-815-1871 or with questions or to register.

All individuals who are referred to Accountability Circles must complete the following survey prior to attending their scheduled program.